The Basics of uploading Youtube videos:

  1. The title of the video must be irresistible, keywords at the beginning and branding at the end. You can also include #Hastag with the main keyword.

  2. Do not forget to tag the video as public (Any user can search and watch the video). The other options you have are:

  • Private (Only the people you choose can watch the video)

  • Hidden (Any user who has the link to the video can see it)

  • Scheduled (Only if you have the authenticated account)

  1. Upload the Youtube videos with the name of the optimized video, that is, do not upload it with the name, put it as you want it to be located, with the name of the title of the video and if possible with the main keyword in it.

  2. Use the description to describe what the video really is. Do not fill it with keywords and irrelevant information in your Youtube videos. If you are going to put links do not forget to use the HTTP: // to be able to click them from the description. And take advantage of the fact that the first 350 characters appear without having to click on "Show more".

  3. Select the appropriate category for your video. Not wanting to appear in one that you think is more important, you are going to throw all the work to the ground.

  4. If your channel has more than one video, use the annotations to guide the viewers to the next video, to the channel to subscribe or to a video response. And it takes advantage of the power of the cards since these are seen on mobile devices and tablets but not annotations.

  5. Be very careful with using copyrighted music, depending on the author (copyright owners can decide what happens if YouTube detects their music), you will be penalized and at the third notice, you can close the channel.

  6. If you are going to upload many videos, use the option "Default values" which will save you time at the time of the labeling.

  • You can get there from "Settings> Defaults"

  • Default values for uploading Youtube videos.

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