How to monetize your YouTube videos:

The videos on the Internet are no longer content merely computer to become part of our television content. The channels tend to be categorized and offer the viewer new forms of entertainment. These categories are designed by the YouTube user himself when he uploads his own channel and performs the configuration, the television networks in Spain begin to be placed within the YouTube world since they know what is and will be a content platform that can unseat them from the show

To activate the monetization with YouTube videos you must follow the following steps:

  • In the Channel Configuration section, choose the section Revenue Obtaining.

  • Click on "Activate the monetization program in my account."

  • Read and accept the terms of the Program Agreement.

You must take these requirements into account before activating the program, especially those related to content permissions. You cannot monetize YouTube videos with content created by third parties if you are not authorized (as in the case of a song with copyright, for example). You may not have the option to earn an income if your account does not meet the criteria set by YouTube to participate in the program.

Then you can activate the monetization in the YouTube videos that you have uploaded. In your Video Manager, you can activate and deactivate the monetization by selecting the videos and choosing "Get income" in the Actions tab, or by clicking on the $ icons, which represents monetization activated or deactivated. You can choose the ad format: they can be the only In-video overlay or TrueView in-stream. You can also activate monetization during the upload of your next videos.

By activating the revenue collection, in your YouTube Analytics section, you can access the video revenue reports and also the performance of your ads. It is not essential to do so at the beginning but to be able to collect the income generated by the ads within your videos, you need to associate your YouTube account with an AdSense account, whether you already have one or need to create it for the occasion.

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