How to connect your phone to TV to watch Youtube videos:

The Youtube Internet video platform has an option with which you can watch any video through your smart tv. We can connect our mobile devices to our TV; YouTube makes it easy for us. You just have to copy a simple code that Youtube provides you from your own television and paste it on the device (iPad, Smartphone) with which we will synchronize.

In the following link, you will find a graphical explanation for Youtube videos that is very easy to follow. With this, we can find the video that we want to see and send it to our television with a simple click. The mobile phone has been converted into a remote control for viewing videos on YouTube. Simply look for the video or the event to follow on your mobile device and you will see it on the big screen.

Enter your YouTube channel from your computer, you must be logged in to your Google account, in the configuration tab look for the option connected televisions , then enter the same YouTube account from your smart TV .com /tv , look for the configuration option to add device, once this is done the Youtube account recognizes the TV, then from your mobile phone Smart or your iPad access the Youtube application and enter your account, look for the same option in settings or settings (as the image shows) to connect the device, it will automatically provide you with a 9-digit phone number code that you must enter in the mobile device or scan a qr code with the smartphone to see your Youtube videos.

Now you can search Youtube videos on your mobile or iPad and watch them directly on your TV. The quality of audio and video will depend on the connection you have in your home, but YouTube will always provide the best possible quality.

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