At the moment there are 3 main operating systems with which we can acquire a smartphone, although it is true that we can also find some with Ubuntu and others, we will focus on how to play YouTube videos in the background in iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Some time ago we talked about how to listen to Youtube music in the background in Android, but it has rained quite a lot since then and possibly these solutions are even more interesting to you, besides it will not matter what type of OS your terminal has.

The purpose of playing Youtube videos in the background is quite simple. What we want is to put a video, usually with a song or concert that we like, or even a playlist, and keep playing while we use our terminal, this way we can dispense with audio services with the subscription.

Youtube videos in the background with Android:

Possibly the most widespread and the first that I will speak, there are many solutions that we can find, but in fact, not all are worth much, also play with the disadvantage that being an operating system of Google, and YouTube product, we can find that they eliminate the applications. Keep in mind that it is a functionality that you are avoiding to implement, as well as the plugins to download videos from Chrome.

Youtube videos in the background with Windows Phone:

In the case of the Microsoft system, much less widespread and of course does not offer us so many possibilities given the rivalry with the company of Mountain, we can find some options to view the videos in the background.

Youtube videos in the background with iOS:

In the iOS plane, we can find two main applications that will offer us the functionality we are looking for. On the one hand and for those who do not want to spend a penny, we have a free application Tubex, which is quite complete and allows us to keep the background music while we use our iPhone.

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